Our Vision

Trianyx’s Vision

Trianyx has envisioned a healthy and happy future for the world. And this can be achieved by delivering quality healthcare products and services, and to be the best at it.

Trianyx’s Mission

Trianyx believes that a better quality of health is a seed to happiness. Trianyx aims to support the physician community in their quest to offer better health to patients, and be the best in the eyes of its customers, employees and competitors.

Trianyx’s Values

The Trianyx family, its employees and everybody who matter, focus on the humane values more than anything else.

Every Trianyx employee lives with Integrity:
Integrity is a core value, which we fondly embrace. Every employee of Trianyx will respect the commitment that we collectively as a company and he/she as an individual has to extend to the society.

Every Trianyx employee showcases Respect:
Respect is a non-compromising value that each Trianyx employee lives by. To respect each other is to respect yourself – that’s what matters!

Every Trianyx employee demonstrates Speed
Trianyx understands the significance of speed and technology in achieving success in today’s competitive era…and so does every employee at Trianyx.

Every Trianyx employee understands Teamwork
Teamwork: Simply stated, is less me and more we. A team is always bigger, better, wiser, and stronger than an individual, and every Trianyx member understands and appreciates the importance of teamwork.

Every Trianyx employee delivers Customer Delight:
We, at Trianyx, foster a climate where the employee can deliver what the customer wants. Smile and serve to get a smiling nod from discerning customers for our products – that’s our aim.

Trianyx’s Quality & Trust

Trianyx cares
Quality is an investment for the future. Maintaining that quality or improving it over time amplifies trust. Trianyx uses its expertise to develop and deliver innovative science-based solutions to its customers while providing a dynamic and challenging environment for its employees.

Trianyx’s Realm
Health is wealth – As cliché at it may sound, it is the absolute truth. A healthy body nurtures a healthy mind, and a healthy mind brims life with happiness.

Trianyx has a range of unique and expert solutions to help one succeed in the quest for a higher level of physical and emotional well-being.

Trianyx’s dedicated team of highly experienced and dynamic professionals make sure that the high-quality products reach a wide market, offering the best value for its customers and consumers. Trianyx’s motivating and professional work atmosphere transforms every team member into a peerless achiever.